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Kayo Directory 

Kayo US Regions

Please reference the map to the right to determine your geographic region.

The WESTERN region  is shaded in orange,

The CENTRAL region  is shaded in gray and

The EAST region  is shaded in black.


1. Parts Questions*:

Eastern Dealers:  Stephen Pollard | |  


Western/Central Dealers: 

Anthony Fay |

Mayra Aguilar|




2. Warranty Credits:

Anthony Fay | 

Erika Alava



3. Unit Billing Questions*:

Eastern Dealers:  Wesley Griggs | 

Western/Central Dealers:  Dona Thach |

Western/Central Dealers:  Erika Alava |

4. Parts Billing Questions:

Erika Alava | 

Sherrie Beck | 


5. MSO:

Marlene Briceno |  


6. Sales/Shipping/Claims:

Contact your local sales rep.

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